10 years “Together through Generations”

Under the above mentioned slogan there was organized an event dedicated to the International Day of Older Persons along with celebrating 10 years of the “Incredere” Community Center’s activity. The event was organized by the “Parteneriat Social” Association for its 50 beneficiaries from Leova town. The event was hosted by Leova Rayon Council within the collaboration agreement operated for so many years. As honorable guests we had representatives of the LPAs of 1st and 2nd levels, representatives of Leova Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection, rayon councilors, representatives of civil society partners, Government representative for Leova rayon, beneficiaries of the „Încredere” Community Center, as well as team member of the “Parteneriat Social” Association.

During the event there was presented the activity report of the Center for the 10 years period. All the participants had the opportunity to be informed on various activity domains in which beneficiaries were engaged, as well as on the achieved results, appreciations from private and public organizations and our donors. During their speeches the Mayor and Rayon Vice-president, highly appreciated the activity of the organization and its contribution to solving social problems related to seniors.

The second part of the event program consisted of couple pf artistic and cultural performances presented by the Center’s volunteers (students from the „M.Eminescu” High School, dancers and singers from the “Creativ” and “Opincuta” Clubs). Our beneficiaries got directly involved in both organization and deployment of the event. Some of them recited poetry and expressed their thanks for such great support received during the years.

The event concluded with a festive lunch for our beneficiaries and with a sweet present for them – a small jar of honey from one of our dedicated volunteer, Mr. Andrian Teodorovici

We deeply congratulate all the beneficiaries of the „Încredere” Community Center on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons and we would like to ensure that we will continue supporting them and making their lives easier, more interacting and sweeter.

The whole organization’s team proposed to invest more efforts, dedication and professionalism for the good sake of our beneficiaries and society.

Manager of the „Încredere” Community Center   Raisa Bălan.

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