Never is too late to learn something!

More than 100 persons representing governmental and nongovernmental institutions, who are in turn very active in the domain of Adults Education, have participated at the “Pro Adults Education” Festival, organized in Cahul.

The event’s goal was to promote learning during the whole life period and to discuss/debate the existent opportunities in this regard. A major part of participants presented and shared their working experience with adults from various categories and ages within the Fair of Adults Education and informative sessions.

The speakers referred to the existent opportunities for adults related to the domain of professional and personal development, referring also to specific domains where immediate intervention is required via education and training activities.  For instance, the domain of public serving, providing medical services, promoting volunteerism and civic involvement, health education, benefiting from social assistance services at home, education for cultivating life abilities, developing character and civic attitude, etc. in light of this, “Parteneriat Social” NGO shared its experienced in in working with adults and presented an exhibition with the handmade workings.

The above mentioned festival was organized with the “Creating learning communities – premises for rural development in the South region” project, implemented by the DVV International Moldova Association, with the financial support of BMZ.

Executive Director    Raisa Balan

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