Help for people in need during the cold season

The winter has already come, but the beneficiaries of „ Încredere” Community Center, because of the small pensions and high prices for wood, were left behind with no opportunity to purchase firewood, in order to face the cold winter.  In such a difficult situation there was definitely help out there for this category of people. In light of this, the Director of Forestry Organization, Mrs. Ana Miscenco, with whom we already have a 10 years partnership agreement, helped us to deal with this problem. We agreed with Mrs. Miscenco to set up a list of all beneficiaries who need firewood and how much quantities they solicit. We, also, agreed a quite convenient price for firewood, which are already prepared and can be transported to each beneficiary place right away. Until this moment, 10 beneficiaries has already benefited from this service and up to 19 cubic meters of firewood was transported to those mentioned people in need. We still have persons that want to benefit from this service and we are trying to do our best in order to serve all our beneficiaries who want firewood. We hope to accomplish this goal before the start of Christmas celebrations.

Om the behalf of “Parteneriat Social” Board, we would like to pass our great thanks to Mrs. Ana Miscenco, so as wo our beneficiaries who happened to be very receptive and actively involved in dealing with the above-mentioned challenge.

Executive Director: Raisa Bălan

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