A Very Important Working Visit!

On 10.01.2018 the representatives of the Pro Umanitate Organization Germany visited the „ Încredere” Community Center. For already 3 years this organization actively supports us financially during the cold season of the year, so as 50 persons from social vulnerable families could daily benefit from social services.

This kind of support is quite important for old people because they can hardly face the wide range of expenses during the cold season: paying for monthly utilities, firewood provisions, medicine costs, etc. Of course, after paying for all these kind of services, there is no money left for food and other needs, taking also into consideration that current pensions are miserable.

The services that we are providing to this category of people are very welcome because, for instance, the hot meal that they receive from our center among with the laundry service that are being offered to them, significantly help them make some savings, in order to cover other urgent needs.

We owe our donors great thanks for their generous support offered to the seniors from the „ Încredere” Community Center.

Coordinator: Raisa Bălan

Опубликовано A.O. „ Parteneriat Social ” 12 января 2018 г.

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