Deputies closer to civil society

On 19.01.2018, our „ Încredere” Community Center was visited by Mr. Adrian Lebedinschi, Moldovan Deputy who is the Member of Political Commission on European Integration and Extension within the Moldovan Parliament. Taking into consideration both our activity experience and socio-economic environment of our country, the visit was of great importance. Nowadays, more challenges arise during the activity on Moldovan NGOs, which materialize in lots of questions to be addressed to our deputies. This was the very goal of the visit to address some of our questions to the Deputy Lebedinschi who helped us make the first steps in strengthening the collaboration between social NGOs that deliver social services and representatives of political system. We are really happy to the opportunity to discuss the problems we encounter at the local level with our guest, as well as to make some proposals of collaboration and identify solutions to our problems.

We hope that the expectations of „Parteneriat Social” working team and our beneficiaries will be taken into consideration and will come to a happy end. We believe that such events contribute to effective collaborations and constructive benefits for Moldovan citizens.


„Parteneriat Social” Organization President

Raisa Bălan

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