Public Debates: Chose Corectlly. Chose Rationally.

On 19.02.2019 there were organised Public Debates at the Leova Rayon Cultural House within the so called project “Chose Corectlly. Chose Rationally”, implemented by Contact Center from Chisinau, financially supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Moldova Soros foundations.

“Parteneriat Social” NGO is being involved as the main local partner. There were invited electoral competitors from all political parties involved in the elections. Only 4 electoral competitors agreed and accepted to participate at the debates, representing the following political parties: Alexandru Bujorean (INDEPENDENT). Vladimir Putregai (ACUM). Grețu Efrosinia (PDM). Aliona Briceag (PSRM).

The main debated topics were as follows: Supporting farmers from the Prut Meadowland. Fighting and reducing poverty. Developing local and regional socio-economic infrastructure. Building the bridge in Leova region, as the main strategic project to generate economic opportunities.

Round of Questiond and Responses from citizens. Project objectives:

1. Increasing the level of civic participation and voting rate among citizens from the 41 circumscription, at the parliamentary elections from 24.02.2019.

2. Increasing the level of information and awareness among citizens from Leova and Cantemir rayons.

Achieved results: 1 One local Coordinator involved in offering logistical support

2.Public Debates organised in Leova town for 80 participants who attended them on 01.11.2018.

3. 200 citizens participated at the Public Debates 19.02.2019.

4. Up to 5000 citizens – potential beneficiaries of useful information on electing process.

Local Coordinator: Raisa Bălan „Parteneriat Social” NGO

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