„Încredere” Community Center watched the movie „Tunul de lemn

In the last week of July the beneficiaries from „Încredere” Community Center have watched the movie „Tunul de lemn” directed by Mr. Vasile Brescanu. This movie caused both tears and laughter.

http://artedgeek.com/legion.php Tunul de lemn  can you buy prednisone over the counter in canada is a movie in created in Republic of Moldova in colors, in 1986,

During World War II, an old man, David, living with his daughter-in-law, Maria, while his son is away at war, is being regularly harassed by a German airplane, until one day, when he decides he’s had enough. The movie ends up presenting Maria who is remains alone, being pregnant and rebuilding her house and working the land. Her husband did not return from war and the narrator is the very son of Maria (old man’s nephew).

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