What is the meaning of money?

On 2nd of August another training was delivered for our volunteers in the “Incredere” Community Center. The training was conducted on “Money Management” and “Personal Budget”, which is a part of “Cultivating Future Life Abilities” trainings series. We considered that this activity could be more active if seniors and beneficiaries of our center will participate.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Why should people learn how to administer money correctly?
  • How personal incomes and spendings are being administered for as long as possible time period.
  • Argument on why we should spend money correctly.
  • Which are the risks if one does not know how to spend money appropriately.

At some point discussions between seniors and the youth got tensed. Each generation has its specific ways of spending money.  Nevertheless, seniors’ advice given to young people were taken as valuable. Since seniors have low pensions, it makes them administer their personal budget in wisely manner. For each generation moral and spiritual values are different and in order to appropriately respond to these values, knowing how to correctly administer personal spendings represents an useful need and ability at the same time.


Coordinator: Raisa Bălan

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