Civic Initiative of Voluntary Engagement for Everyone

On June 30, 2017 an important civic event took place in the Leova Central Park involving volunteers from various organizations, who took their time and painted park’s benches in nice colorful styles.  As a result, the avenues become more attractive and innovative.

34 volunteers from the following organizations were actively involved:

  • Leova Youth Center Information and Documentation.
  • Leova Youth Rayon Council.
  • Beneficiaries of the ”Incredere” Community Center along with the volunteers of the “Parteneriat Social” organization.
  • ”Valeriu Matei” Rayon Public Library.
  • Leova Territorial Office of Parliament Information.

This is the third time when the youth organize such volunteering activities in the Leova central park, after being involved in park cleaning activities in May and some bench paintings in June.

This activity would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for the support of some people who really care about Leova town. On the behalf of all involved people, we owe great thanks to:

  • Carlsberg Arena Terrace, especially to Mr. Iurii Mițelea.
  • ”Curatela” Cleaning Supplies Store, especially to Mr. Liviu Gorgan.
  • Leova Team of the Connection Technology Ltd., especially to Mr. Igor Lupu.
  • Stelian Jantic.
  • “Parteneriat Social” organization, Leova.
  • ”Valeriu Matei” Rayon Public Library Team.

Due to the collected funds and donations, there were painted 30 benches and 18 garbage cans.

The most interesting and surprising thing was the fact that the ages of volunteers who were involved in the above described event ranged between 9 and 80.

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