Civic society is willing to make changes in Leova community

Today, July 4, 2017 the management members of the Leova Business Incubator, Mr. Boris Patrașcu and Mrs. Oxana Diaconu have made the proposal to create a nongovernmental organization of the Leova native citizens. At the first constitution meeting 30 citizens from Leova town participated, being guided by a common vision to make constructive changes in the community.

Organization’s set goals are focused on:

  • Promotion of the democratic national value.
  • Promotion of human rights.
  • Civic participation.
  • Promotion of volunteerism in community.
  • Community development in terms of fair competion.
  • Development and promotion of entrepreneurship ideas among young people and immigrants.
  • Attracting investments for solving community problems.

Besides the fact that it was my pleasure to become a member of this organization, I was also invited to offer my expertise and experience to elaborating organization’s bylaws. We wish great successes to the team of this new organization and hope that it will boost the participation of civic society in solving community problems. We believe that joining our forces we can demonstrate LPA that we can contribute to improving the quality of citizen’s life and generate future positive changes.

President of „Parteneriat Social” organization                                                      Raisa Bălan

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