Experience exchange and logistic support!!!

On 21.06.2019, our center was paid a visit by some guests, better say by the Manager and Social Assistant of the “Speranta” Multifunctional Community Center from Sadaclia village (Basarabeasca rayon).

The goal of the visit was to share best practices implemented by our center and offering necessary logistic support, in order to meet the requirements stated in the Government decision, No. 95 from 07.02.2014 and based on Law, No. 129 from 08.06.2012 on accreditation of social services providers, also, according to accreditation procedure, issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor, Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova.

The guests expressed their gratitude towards our whole team, really appreciating the practices and techniques that are being used to manage a community center. It will be much easier for them to set up a strategy and a long term plan of activities. We are, also, satisfied to offer our logistic and technical support to our colleagues from other communities, that are providing a wide range of social services to people in need. Manager: Raisa Bălan „ Încredere” Daycare Community Center

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