Informative session with the seniors from Leova town

On January 28, “Parteneriat Social” Public Association has organized an informative session with the seniors from Leova town, which took place within the project “Along with the experience of SENIORS, Your voice escalates”, financed by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, with the support of the “Representation of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Moldova”, aiming at encouraging and supporting 800 elderly people and 50 young people from 5 Leova rayon localities to participate in decision-making processes.

During this participating activity, up to 40 seniors were informed on the right of participation and involvement in their community development, along with the right of participation at the local and rayon council sessions, having a wide range of opportunities, including the one of launching proposals and recommendations during the decision-making process.

This informative session was a useful occasion for seniors to identify the most stringent community problems, as well as define some solutions to them. All the identified problems and proposed solutions were collected and will be included in an Opinion Document, which will be presented and discussed by seniors during the next meeting with the Leova Mayor and local counselors.

Contact information:

”Parteneriat Social” Public Association, Leova Town

Telephone / Fax: +373 263 – 2-20-40




This publication was elaborated with the financial support of the European Union. Its content falls under the direct responsibility of the project „Jointly with the experience of SENIORS, Your voice escalates” and does not necessary reflect the points of view of the European Union.

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