Lessons for life

This is the very right slogan for the trainings that were delivered to our 12 volunteers of „Parteneriat Social” organization during the summer period. We have designed a series of trainings that could contribute to the professional and personal development of our volunteers, which in turn could be useful for their future. We have used various techniques in order to get the best impact, starting from group and individual discussions, workshops and playing roles. In order to add more interactivity and make activities more interesting, we involved seniors and other beneficiaries of our center, where everyone had the opportunity to bring his/her own contribution to discussions, including personal views and opinions on various subjects, like how to wisely spend money and administer own budgets.


Today, our discussions were focused on learning about good manners and human trafficking consequences. Such topics have great impact on young people. For instance, the first one will make them be more punctual, will teach them how to behave during meals, in restaurants, when paying a visit to someone, when traveling and in public spaces in general.

The second topic, related to trafficking in human beings brings to attention a wide range of negative consequences that in some way affect people’s lives. We consider our duty to make clear what risks and consequences could involve when one is taking a wrong decision. Volunteers were informed on steps to be taken in cases of human trafficking and how to use special hotline phones in order to address for help.


Training Moderator: Raisa Bălan

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