Let us bring happiness in the life of our seniors.

During the period of 15- 25 April, ”Parteneriat Social” NGO has organized a fundraising campaign for its 50 seniors, beneficiaries of the Leova ”Incredere” Community Center. This community initiative picked the interest of the students from the ”M. Eminescu” High School, as well as of an economic agent from Cantemir rayon, who got together and mobilized their forces. The most active students, were the ones leaded by the professor, Mr. Pavel Manoil. Because we planned this campaign to be a transparent and inclusive one, we let all things to be carried out by students themselves. They were the ones who organized the campaign into details; they collected the products, sorted them and packed in 50 bags.

On 26.04.2019, the students handed all the packages the beneficiaries, along with a Kozunak offered by the” Adascalita” Enterprise from Cantemir rayon. The happiness was displayed both on students and seniors faces. Students managed to bring a bit of happiness in seniors’ lives, by providing them with necessary products for the festive meal of each our beneficiary. Such actions represent clear evidence that our seniors are not being forgotten.

On the behalf of the “Parteneriat Social” Board, as well our 50 beneficiaries, we would like to pass our great thanks to Mr. Director Stanislav Lozan and all professors who got involved in this charitable mission, because they showed respect to old ones and cultivated an active and devoting civic spirit among students.

We all believe that nowadays generation is being brought up and educated in such ways, that will never forget about social vulnerable persons; always will give a hand to seniors and will volunteer their time for philanthropic causes.

In light of this, let us all demonstrate that we are not indifferent towards seniors, and we will always support them and contribute to their better integration in society. They represent a valuable resource for our society, owing a lifetime experience and expertise, which can be definitely of future use.

By getting together our forces and resources, we can make wonderful things happen.


All our great thanks are being directed to each one who got involved in this successful campaign.


Happy Easter to everyone.

With great respect,

Manager       Raisa Balan

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