Lots of pleasant emotions experienced by our beneficiaries during the celebration of the New Year’s Eve!

Who does not believe in magic does not like to receive presents, especially when the New Year’s Eve is close?

On December 26-27, the Board of „Parteneriat Social” organization along with the members of „ Încredere” Community   Center have organized a real philanthropical fair for those 50 beneficiaries of the center.  

There is a well-known saying “Giving gives your joy”. This is exactly how we did; we received from the “Deputies for nation” organization a pack of food products, which will be used for improving the food process in the our Community Center, as well as 15 packages of clothes which are very welcome and useful. We are going through the winter season, but the Good Lord takes care about everyone, including social vulnerable people. We know that winter season raise lots of life challenges for people who lack enough resources to face cold with low temperatures, show and wind. The whole team of the „Încredere” Community Center made sure that all our beneficiaries are ready for the cold season and gave necessary support in purchasing firewood for a reasonable price. During the organized Philanthropical Fair we have provided clothes to our beneficiaries, bringing the smile at our beneficiaries’ faces and a hope to easier face the daily challenges.

Each of them found the suitable clothes for winter (sweaters, scarves, coats, jackets, etc.) These all represent an essential support for them, taking into consideration our beneficiaries have miserable pensions, while prices for clothes are quite high on the market.

We are very happy that Santa Claus visited our beneficiaries and brought them presents and nice surprises.

Dear beneficiaries of the „Încredere” Community Center, may the New Year bring prosperity, love, happiness, health and delight in your life. Happy New Year !!!

With great respect: Executive Director, Raisa Bălan

Опубликовано A.O. „ Parteneriat Social ” 8 января 2018 г.

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