Managing employment relationships and remuneration within projects

On 29.01.2010, a training on “Managing employment relationships and remuneration within projects”, with the support of European union, took place It was specially designed for project coordinators and accountants and we attended it within the project “Along with the experience of Seniors, Your voice escalates”, financed by the European Union and the “Representation of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Moldova”, with the support of the local partner, the Foreign Policy Association of Moldova.

The training was moderated by two experts, Mrs. Tatiana Prisacar (Audit expert) and Mr. Tudor Capsa (Labor protection expert).

The following topics were discussed:

  • NGO activity aspects which influence the management of employment relationships and remuneration within projects.
  • Managing employment relationships within NGOs.
  • Employment of staff within NGOs.
  • Setting up remuneration systems within NGOs.
  • Particularities related to remuneration within projects to be taken into consideration.

The last session was dedicated to group discussions, proposals and recommendations, when all NGO representatives had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and bring up examples from daily life faced by them when implementing projects.


Project Coordinator: Raisa Bălan

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