Meeting between our beneficiaries and local authorities

During the visits paid to the beneficiaries of the „ Încredere” Community Center by the Executive Director and Social Assistant, there were identified a wide range of socio-economic and health problems that definitely required LPA involvement. In light of this, our team organized a meeting between center’s beneficiaries and LPA representatives (Mr. Vitalie Gargaun – Mayour; Mrs. Ana Butuc – Social Assistant and Mrs. Lilia Cozma – Deputy Director of the Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection). Mr. Cernouțan Vladimir, Director of Leova Health center could not make for this meeting but promised to offer his future support in cases that raise problems related to health.

At the working meeting, the following 10 problems of our beneficiaries were thoroughly discussed:

  • The problem of Mr. Efim Romaniuc referring to assigning him the 1st invalidity grade and offering personal support to handle the situation with his daughter, who is struggling with a severe mental illness and needs hospitalization.
  • The case of Mr. Victor Chijov, a widower who desperately needs a wheelchair, being a person with one leg, with 1st grade of invalidity.
  • The conflictual situation of Mr. Briceag Serghei, who is being physically aggressed by his mentally sick son.
  • The situation of Mr. Guzun Leonid, who lives alone and cannot walk and requires social assistance (a social worker, better say) from the Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection.
  • The solicitation of Mrs. Stepanova Elizaveta who requires personal assistance.
  • The situation of Mrs. Elena Istrate that requires the involvement of Leova Water and Sewage Enterprise in replacing the broken pipes from the basement of her apartment.
  • The situation of Mrs. Maria Tolocenco, who requires support in fixing the problem of her flooded apartment, caused by rains.
  • The problem of the same beneficiary, Mrs. Maria Tolocenco who is not receiving financial support in the Day of people with disabilities, anymore.
  • Our beneficiary, Mrs. Obreja Maria addressed the Mayor with a question why she, as a single woman, must pay for garbage evacuation services the same amount of money as a 5-6 members family.
  • The solicitation of Mr. Vasile Mihailov who needs construction materials for repairing the damaged roof of his house.

Such meetings were considered very effective, since the local authorities are being directly exposed to the problems of people from social vulnerable families and could intervene in solving them. So, a great decision was taken in this regard – in every 3rd month such meetings will take place with the LPA and Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection representatives.

Project Coordinator: Raisa Bălan.

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