National Week of Volunteerism 2017

According to the activity plan within the National Week of Volunteerism 2017-Join our volunteerism team, 9th edition, “Parteneriat Social” NGO has jointly planned with its volunteers and Center`s beneficiaries to implement two activities of arranging the recreation are of the “Incredere” Community Center and the public space of the town stadium. In light of this, on September 6, both the Youth and adults mobilized themselves and worked towards arranging and cleaning the recreation space and pavilions. There were painted trush cans, informative pannel, stairs. Also, because some workings of thermal isolation are taking place, we cleaned the rest of construction materials together with our beneficiaries.

Unfortunately in the next day, on September 7, the planned activity for cleaning the stadium couldn’t take place, because of the bad weather; it was cancelled for another day, when the weather will be nice and will allow us to do the painting of the protection fence. We believe that our volunteering activities from this year will have a positive impact on whole Leova community and the next year more citizens will accept to enthusiastically volunteer their time fot philanthropic activities.

Coordonator: Raisa Bălan

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