Receiving a support request from an initiative group of citizens

A group of 10 citizens from Saratica Veche and Tomaiul Nou villages (Leova rayon) has recently submitted a proposal request to the Board of ”Partenerait Social” Association, in order to be informed, supported and guided towards creating a nonprofit organization. We highly appreciate such initiatives, regardless the lack of enough information related to this activity domain. In light of this, we have decided to deliver some short courses/seminars/discussions to citizens who are interested in civic participation and, even, making it official by creating a nonprofit organization. Also, we provided guidance and consultation related to what is exactly a nonprofit, its structure, mission, goals and activities according to a statute, legal framework, juridical and accounting issues faced by a future NGO board during its activity.

At their initiative, we went further by offering them logistic and technical support in writing a project aiming at creating a playground place for children. We were quite impressed with such civic initiative, when citizens are being mobilized in order to make changes in community and motivate young people to return home from abroad. We all know that rural sector is facing the most difficult challenges in all community domains, especially those related to minimum life conditions (health, entertaining, jobs, social protection, etc.), better say, some comfort degree that could motivate young people stay and work for their rural communities, instead of leaving abroad. Such concerns were vociferated during our meetings with these initiative groups.

We wish all the best and great successes to the newly created nonprofit organization, called” Insufletire” in purchasing its dreams for promoting a community where families stay together, where young people stay home and contribute to community development and are civically active, where Christian and high moral values are being promoted.

We, all members of the ”Parteneriat Social” Association are committing to support and be with during this journey and express our openness and availability whenever necessary.


President of the „Parteneriat Social” NGO


Raisa Bălan

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