Successful activity with seniors and young volunteers from Filipeni village.

On 13.02.2020, we had a great opportunity to meet and discuss with seniors ad young people from Filipeni village, who massively participated at the activity (28 seniors and 24 young people), which demonstrated that citizens from this community care about their community and are ready to get involved both in local decision-making process and community development.

During the group activity, all participants covered a wide range of problems in their community, such as social and economic infrastructure, environment, entertainment for youth, demonstrating the fact that civil activism in this village is quite high this is due to the fact, that the new mayor (the youngest mayor in the Republic of Moldova) is trying to have a permanent and constructive dialogue with citizens and is quite receptive to all proposals. For instance, he hasn’t miss the opportunity to personally participate in our activity, ensuring us with his full support for the project.

All the problems and proposals will be included in another opinion document, which will help us and local authorities have a better picture of their community and, also, contribute to formulating better actions and taking more effective public decisions.

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