The Council of Seniors – an instrument of strengthening the civil society, along with promoting transparency in decision-making processes.

On 20.11.2019, „Parteneriat Social” Public Association has organized the first inauguration session of the Council of Seniors, which took place within the project „Jointly with the experience of SENIORS, Your voice escalates”, financed by the European Union and the KONRAD ADENAUER STIFTUNG German Foundation. The Council’s members are represented by some active seniors from the localities of Leova, Filipeni, Hanasenii Noi, Sirma and Sarata Noua.

During the first meeting, the project team members took their opportunity to get to know the seniors, who were selected to be the members of the Council, according to some participating selection criteria developed by the „Parteneriat Social” Public Association, jointly agreed with the partners, as well as consulted with seniors.

In light of this, the seniors were selected based on a contest promoted on social-media networks. In the same way, there were selected the volunteers who will be involved in the project activities. The seniors were informed on the project summary, as well as its goal and objectives to be implemented.

To be mentioned that the project goal is to encourage and support 800 seniors and 50 young people from 5 localities of Leova rayon to participate in the rayon and local decision-making process. In order to achieve this goal, the following objectives were proposed:

  • Objective 1: Establishment of the Council of Seniors from Leova rayon as a consulting and monitoring mechanism of the rayon and local decision-making process.
  • Objective 2: Setting up a collaboration format with Local Public Administration of first and second levels and raising the seniors’ participation degree in decision-making processes by 10%.

As a task to be prepared at home, seniors received the Regulation of Activity of the Seniors’ Council in order to study/research and come up with some kind of feedback/opinion/position on it.

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