The launch of the project “Along with the experience of SENIORS, Your voice escalates”

The launching event of the project event: „Along with the experience of Seniors, Your voice escalates”, financed by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, with the support of the “Representation of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Moldova”, took place on 13.12.2019, in the Great Hall of the Leova Rayon Council, one of our valuable partners. We had as honorable guests, also, both representatives from Leova rayon LPAs of 1st level, and LPA representatives from 4 Romanian localities from Constanta County (Horia commune, Topalu commune, Ciobanu and Gîrliciu communes). Also, the vent was attended by the representatives of IDIS Viitorul Association, MECC representative, Mrs. Ana Onică (writer), local librarians, members of the Seniors’ Council, volunteers, elderly people and a wide range of citizens from rayon communities.

Initially the event’s agenda was structured in the way: Registration of Participants; Welcoming speech. Opening of the official event by Mr. Nicolae Prițcan, President of Leova Rayon; Welcoming speech of Mr. Alexandru  Bujoreanu, Mayor of Leova Town; Project presentation: „Along with the Seniors’ experience, Your voice escalates”, by Mrs. Raisa Bălan, Executive Director of the „Parteneriat Social” Public Association; Official presentation of the Seniors’ Council from Leova rayon and introduction of its members by Mrs. Raisa Bălan; Official signing of the Partnership and Collaboration Agreements with the representatives of the involved LPAs within the „Jointly with the Seniors’ experience, Your voice escalates” project; Transmission of printers and rollups to those 5 LPAs (Leova, Filipeni, Hănăsenii Noi, Sîrma and Sărata Nouă) involved in the project, which will be donated to libraries from these localities, according to all legal procedures; Cultural and artistic performance by the „Opincuța” Artistic and Dancing Group, Leova Cultural House. The event concluded with Coffee and informal socialization and team building break. Of course, during the event, more partnership representatives and stakeholders insisted on holding a speech or express gratitude and words of appreciation towards the project and its team.

A thorough project presentation was done by the Project Manager, who stressed out the innovative idea of this project, encapsulated in the following goal: Encouraging and supporting 800 seniors and 50 young people from 5 localities from Leova rayon (Leova Town, Filipeni village, Hănăsenii Noi village, Sîrma and Sărata Nouă villages) to actively participate in the local and rayon decision-making processes and various initiatives of community development.

In light of this, in order to achieve the stated goal, the whole project team proposed set up the following objectives:

  1. Establishing the Council of Seniors from Leova rayon, as a monitoring and consulting mechanism to be constructively used in the local and rayon decision-making processes.
  2. Setting up a specific collaboration format with the LPA of 1st and 2nd levels and increasing the level of seniors’ participation in the decision-making processes, by 10 percentages.

The launching event was mandatory attended by the members of the Seniors’ Council from the localities involved in the project:

Mrs. Maria Chițcatîi   – Leova town.

Mr. Dumitru Codreanu – Leova town.

Mr. Ion Stanciu – Leova town.

Mr. Tudor Codreanu – Leova town.

Mr. Valeriu Mercușev – Leova town.

Mrs. Elena Timofti – Hănăsenii Noi village.

Mrs. Maria Haruța – Filipeni vilage

Mrs. Iulia Bortnic – Sărata Nouă vilage

Mrs. Maria Macaria – Sîrma vilage

The project implementation actively picked the interest of all 5 localities involved in the project, the fact was stressed out by the Leova Mayor, Alexandru Bujoreanu and the Mayor of Hănăsenii  Noi – Mr. Nocolae Popa, who took their opportunity in giving appreciation speeches. The representative of the Seniors’ Council, Mr. Dumitru Codreanu mentioned the challenges and problems faced by localities, along with the identified main problems that need immediate attention. These need to be addressed jointly with community citizens, facilitated and mobilized with the support of the Seniors’ Council.

A great moment took place, when a Mayor from a Romanian Commune – Topalau – Mr. Stanciu Valentin, shared his valuable experience in the domain of attracting foreign investments and funds, as well as some strategies and best practices in collaborating with civil society. So, the event took a quite impactful turn.

Another pleasant and surprising moment, came from Mr. Liubomir Chiriac, a representative of the IDIS Viitorul Association, who mentioned the role of civil society in attracting foreign investments, identifying and setting a wide range of community problems, basically, through setting and operating sustainable partnerships with local LPAs.

During the event there were, also, signed official Agreements of Partnership and Collaboration with Leova Rayon Council and the Mayors’ offices from those 5 localities involved in the project. One of the agreement’s points was to donate to each locality, better say, to the local library from these localities, a set of promo materials, consisting of a rollup and a printer, in order to be used for community seniors. Librarians were encouraged to use the materials for activities with seniors, even to create a library service, which will get seniors together and better mobilize them.

The event concluded with some greetings from our beneficiaries, on the occasion of approaching winter holidays; all the participants received hand-made workings crated by the seniors and project implementation team. Also, all attendees enjoyed an artistic performance of two carols, played by the „Opincuța” Dancing and Singing Group from the Leova Cultural House.

Project Coordinator: Raisa Bălan

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