Training on Developing Intuition

On 23.08.2018, the “Parteneriat Social” NGO organized a training for its volunteers on Developing Intuition. This course was attended by 30 persons: volunteers, a representative of the didactic structure from the “M. Eminescu” Lyceum, a representative from the Leova Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection and the team members of the “Parteneriat Social” NGO.

As trainers of the event we were honored by Mrs. Mirela Muntianu, Yoga Instructor and Mr. Constantin Musat, Tai Chi Chuan Martial Arts Instructor from Bucharest.

The training picked the attention of our volunteers and kept them in action during the whole process, which successfully combined theory with practice. The participants were captivated by the results of the demonstrated exercises, as well as by the methods used by the trainers to instruct the participants.

We are really looking forward to sustainable collaboration with the members from this Bucharest team.  

Executive Director: Raisa Bălan 

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