Visit of the “Incredere” Community Center Executive Director and Social Assistant to our beneficiaries

During the visits of the “Incredere” Community Center Executive Director and Social Assistant to our beneficiaries’ homes, we have promptly identified some social and health problems that required urgent involvement of the local authorities. In light of this, we have paid an additional visit to our beneficiary Mr. Briceag Serghei, who is a person with disability with 2nd invalidity degree, in order to assess his material and social situation, as well as the conflictual situation broken out because of the aggression of his son who is suffering from a psychological illness.

The sanitarian and hygienic conditions of the home living space are quite miserable. Some of the windows have no glasses and there is no door and window at the room leading to the balcony. The winter season will start soon and such conditions do not allow a normal leaving, not even a survival.

During the visit Mr. Briceag’s aggressive son was not at home. Also, his wife passed away, remaining alone and facing such moral, social and health challenges.

We will prepare an information and submit it right away to LPA of 1st and 2nd level, Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection and local policy, so as this case could be handled appropriately and, obviously, solved.  We are standing for the solution of institutionalizing this person in the Leova Asylum for Seniors. As for the problem with his aggressive son, local police will intervene and manage this case.

The personal data of Mr. Briceag Serghei and photos of him were published according to his strict permission.

Project Coordinator: Raisa Bălan.

Опубликовано A.O. „ Parteneriat Social ” 18 октября 2017 г.


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