Volunteers’ problems

The life of those 50 beneficiaries of the “Incredere” Community Center flows normally due to the deep involvement of our team, which is quite receptive and takes actions related to seniors’ social, economic and health problems. Executive Director and Social Assistant of the center periodically pay visits to our beneficiaries, who because of health problems are not able to walk and directly benefit from center’s services. In light of this, the Romaniuc family (daughter and father) were recently paid a visit, being a social vulnerable family with low income and health problems (Romaniuc Veronica is suffering from a serious psychological illness). A social questionnaire for assessing the social and health needs of this family was completed.

The problems of the mentioned family have something to do with the both our and local stakeholders involvement. So, a decision was met by our team which refers to organizing a meeting with the representatives from LPA, Department of Social Assistance and Family Protection, Rayon Center of Health, where some form of involvement will be established, in order to support this family go through all its life’s challenges.

Personal data and pictures were collected with the strict permission of Mr. Romaniuc.

Project Coordinator: Raisa Bălan

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