Well-trained multidisciplinary teams

On 07.06.2018, I have the chance to jointly participate with the Leova multidisciplinary team at the sixth training module within the ”Protecting the fundamental right of elderly women in Moldova” project.

The project is financially supported by the United Nations Support Fund for Fighting Violence against Women, implemented by the HelpAge International in partnership with Gender Center.

This project is very welcome in our country, because 6 out 10 persons who are subject to domestic violence, represent women. But despite of all these, the most vulnerable category of people exposed to domestic violence, is represented by elderly people. Mr. Kofi Annan, UN General used to say: ”Violence against elderly people is probably the most shameful violation of human rights. And probably the most widespread. It does not have geographical, cultural and financial limits”.

Benefiting from 6 training courses, multidisciplinary teams have taken the commitments to further share this information in their rayons, as well as to organize trainings at the local level with al responsible persons from city halls, so as local multidisciplinary teams to be created and function appropriately in fighting against violence.

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