Women – the biggest inspiring source

Woman is the symbol of kindness, a creating power.

Woman inspires writers when creating their poems and song, basically the biggest inspiring source.

Spring is one of the season of revitalization, awakening to life, love and kindness. These would be some of the reasons why the Woman’s Day is being celebrated in March.

Woman, alike nature, is full of love, beauty, kindness and warm.

In light of this, the team of the “Incredere” Community Center has organized a special event, on the Woman’s Day occasion, for all women that benefit from the Center’s activity and work there. The event was organized with the deep involvement of the students from the “M. Eminsecu” High School, headed by Mrs. Teacher Ecaterina Pricochi. There were presented a variety of poems, songs, collage of pictures, dancing and theatre performances for all mothers, grandmothers and girls, who attended the little concert. “Opincuta” Studio delivered some colorful performances with songs. In addition, the “Creativ” Collective amazed us with modern dancing.

Every woman who attended the event received a flower and enjoyed a well-organized meal.

On the behalf of the whole board and “Parteneriat Social” board we would like to respectfully congratulate all the women and girls on this special occasion, pass them our great wishes of strong health, success and all the best.


Manager of the “Incredere” Community Center                       Raisa Balan

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