Youth Forum

On June 20, 2018 at the”Valeriu Matei” Leova Rayon Library, there was organized the Youth Forum related to main challenges faced by youth and possible measures to be undertaken for overcoming them. The main objectives of the forum were as follow:

  • Presenting the results of the sociological survey conducted among youth aiming at identifying the needs, aspirations and difficulties faced by the youth from Leova rayon.
  • Prioritizing the objectives and identifying the solutions for overcoming them, elaborating and approving a resolution related to problems and identified solutions.
  • Getting youth responsible in order to actively involve them in designing and implementation of public policies in the given field.

Specialists from various domains have attended this forum. Among them, there were, also, present the representatives of the „Parteneriat Social” Organization, who worked along with the specialists and youth, during the four workshops, towards identifying challenges and possible measures for overcoming them. Those four workshops were as follows: Youth Personal Development; Inappropriate Behavior in the resident youth location; Successful Entrepreneur VS Successful Employee; Youth Health

Our presence at this event was possible due to the fact that the youth from the Leova Youth Center are at the same time volunteers of the “Încredere” Community Center.

This event was a useful experience both for youth and the whole community.

Social worker,

Natalia Calalb

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